Due to the Covid-19 emergency, the Lake Charter Township Water System is operating under restricted access. Water Plant Staff are available on an emergency basis only. For emergencies call the Water Plant at 269-465-3850.

Jeff Burkhard, Water System Superintendent

Tracy Dettman, Water Billing Clerk

The Lake Township Water Department consists of Superintendent, Jeff Burkhard, who has been with Lake Township in the Water Department since 1979. Jeff possesses the licensing and knowledge to needed to lead the department keeping water at the very high quality it has been. He has worked in a variety of positions at the Plant during his career.

The Department has eight water employees, five work as plant operators and three work in distribution maintenance. The staff has a combined experience of over 150 years! Their experience and dedication is invaluable in providing excellent quality water to over 10,000 customers in Lake Township and some surrounding communities.

The plant processes water from Lake Michigan and is one on the few in the state that has three treatment systems. The state of the art plant uses the latest technology in processes and consistently gets the highest rating for quality from the State. The water rates are the lowest in the area and often 25-30% of rates charged by neighboring communities. Water and sewer is available to nearly every resident.

The water tower had maintenance and renovation completed in order to continue to provide residents with great water! To view pictures of the completed work, click here.

Consumer Confidence Report

Lake Township provides excellent quality water.

Per- and Polyfluoroalklyl substance testing. Please click on this link to see the results of this test. Lake Township Water is constantly completing the required testing to assure your water supply is safe!

Online Card Payments

We are pleased to announce our online payment processing system has been enhanced! The payment portion is now the same cart/ dashboard process that you are used to with other payment processors. Once you are registered making payments safely, conveniently anytime, and having them posted immediately is a breeze. You can pay using a card or electronic check. Payments can be set up to be paid immediately or at a time in the future. The full payment or partial is possible. You can even set up recurring payments so they are paid automatically on the date you choose! The entire payment must be made by the due date to avoid late charges. The following fees will apply:

Credit transactions: $1.50 for payments less than $50, $3.00 for payments $50.01 to $100, $6.00 for payments $100.01 to $200.00, and $3.00 additional for each $ 100.

Electronic checks: $3.00 for all payments up to $10,000! Electronic checks are set up to come out of your checking account on the day you select.

After making a payment you will be emailed a confirmation of the transaction and payment. You have the option to print a paper copy of the receipt.

This site also provided a lot of great information about your water usage and prior billing information. You can even see a graph of past usage. Simply click here to be transferred to the payment and information site that will open in a new browser window. After registering search for your account by name or address. Once you find your account not only utility billing information is available to you but tax, assessment and other useful information about your account.


Water Rates

Due to the increasing cost of water/sewer processing and infrastructure costs, the Township Board has approved a water and sewer rate increase effective January 1st, 2021 of 5%. It will be applied to the first set of bills going out at the end of March. We have been able to hold these rates without a water increase for four years! Lake Township prides itself on providing great quality water at very reasonable prices. We continue to do large improvement projects and upgrades to assure we can provide a quality water supply for many years to come. The quarterly cost for an in Township resident will be $30.00 or $10.00/mo ($.33/day) for the minimum usage of 10,000 gallons.

We have experienced annual increasing costs for sewer processing through the Galien River Sanitary Sewer District. We simply have to pass on increases to our residents/customers. They are also experiencing significant processing and infrastructure cost increases. In Township costs will be $107.00/quarter or $35.66/month (about $1.19/day).

The rate increases for both utilities is $6.40/quarter or $2.13/month.

A rate study was conducted by an independent company and actually recommended a higher increase than the 5% that was approved. We understand these are trying times for many and kept increases to a minimum. Our costs are still at or below most neighboring communities who are also finding it necessary to make increases to water/sewer rates.

Water Tap Fees | Water Tap Application

Lake Township Residents: Non-resident rates:
1" tap, ¾" meter: $1585.00
1" tap, 1" meter: $1660.00
2" tap, 2" meter: $2800.00
1" tap, ¾" meter: $2377.00
1" tap, 1" meter: $2490.00
2" tap, 2" meter: $4200.00

Note: There will be a separate material charge, if more parts are needed, when the meter and pit are installed.
Fees for larger meter and tap installation with be determined by the price of the 2" tap plus time and materials.

Also: Starting immediately, water shutoffs for nonpayment will begin at 8:00 am. If payment is not received by 8:00 am the day of shutoffs, a $40 shutoff penalty will be applied and your water service will be shutoff until payment is received.

Sewer Tap Fees | Sewer Tap Application

Lake Township Residents: Non-resident rates:
Tap fee $ 1825.00 (Includes $ 25 inspection fee) Tap fee $ 2725.00 (Includes $ 25 inspection fee)

We have recently set up a system so water and sewer payments can be automatically deducted from your checking or savings account each quarter when due. Please complete the attached form and return it along with a voided check to start this service. It is a free service to you.

Rate Information