Trash/Recycling/Large Trash Services/Electronic and Tire Recycling
  • We offer an anytime voucher that does not have to be used on specific dates or times. That voucher is good Monday- Friday, 8:00 a.m.- 5:00
  • We will be offering a fall voucher- date to be determined. 
  • We also are planning to have an electronic recycle day in the fall- also to be determined. 
  • Help keep Lake Township clean and beautiful!

Lake Charter Township provides trash and recycling services at no cost to our residents through Republic Services located in Stevensville. Trash is picked up weekly on Wednesdays. Recycling is picked up every other week based on your home’s location.

Republic recommends having the receptacle at the curbside on Tuesday evenings as some pickups occur quite early in the morning. Our office is happy to coordinate new services or obtaining receptacles for either service. Republic can be contacted directly at 269-266-5545 for questions about pick up or service issues. Their website is located at:

LCT also provides for large trash disposal at no charge to residents. All you have to do is contact our office to obtain a voucher for free delivery to Republics site at 7227 Reliable Path in Stevensville. We offer two specific dates in the spring and fall for delivery and one “anytime” voucher to be used at your convenience any date you choose. Use one, two or all three. Contact Republic Services for information about items accepted. Contact our office for the spring and fall dates or check for information on our website.

Lastly, LCT also offers either tire or electronic recycling services, again at no cost to residents, on alternating years. Watch the website or contact our office for dates these services will be offered.

Last year we are pleased that in LCT alone thousands of pounds of recycled materials were collected saving valuable space in our landfills! If we all do our part, we can slow the landfill process and all help out mother earth! Thank-you for your support of this program. If you haven’t joined in, just call our office to get a receptacle and get started!

Besides the regular recycling Lake Township supports there are many other recycling events each year in Berrien County.